Custom automatic Watch Winder Service

In the OEEA automatic watch winder case,
The most representative is that
You can customize a private rosewood watch with a traditional tenon-and-mortise structure .

The main feature of Chinese traditional tenon-and-mortise watch automatic watch winder box is durability,
Not affected by the ageing of conventional lining fleece,
With the service life of Pegasus,
The watch winder box of the watch will become more and more owner-like,
Integrates with the personality of the owner.
Each rosewood OEEA tenon-and-mortise automatic watch winder box needs to be carefully polished by a craftsman for nearly a month.
So if you customize your own automatic watch winder box in OEEA,
You have the patience to wait.

Custom delivery: 30 days after order confirmation
Custom materials: Burmese red rosewood, or Vietnamese rosewood, or ebony