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OEEA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in China. It is the world's leading manufacturer of automatic winding boxes for watches.

OEEA's business activities include the development of automatic watch winding box chip technology, the development of automatic watch winding box deceleration micromotor technology, the manufacture of automatic watch winding boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes, and cigar boxes. The core of the OEEA strategy is the business model of automatic watch winding boxes, covering the entire value chain of the automatic watch winding box business, from wood products, winder chips, geared micromotors, and merchandise sales to various automatic watch winding boxes. Manufacturing. We have 5 ecological chain manufacturing factories and cover China, Vietnam, Laos and other countries and regions.

OEEA's high-quality automatic watch winding case is the first choice for consumers and watch collectors. Our products hold leading positions in many Asian, American and European Union countries. Through the logistical advantages of scale, integration, and business models, we are able to make a profit at every step of the value chain, thereby achieving operational synergies and cost benefits. OEEA is a strong advocate of sustainable growth and is committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen.


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