OEEA handwinders is a professional manufacturer of automatic watch winders. We offer various types of watch winders that cover different shapes, colors, fashion, and jewelry designs. We are looking for wholesalers to work with us and expand our business and market coverage.

To become a wholesaler of OEEA brand watch winder, please follow the following steps:
1. Learn about our products: Please visit our website and learn about our product categories, styles, and features, and make sure that our products fit your business needs.
2. Contact us: Contact us through our official website or email and let us know your interest in our products and cooperation.
3. Response: Our sales representatives will contact you, get to know your business needs, and respond to your inquiries.
4. Discuss cooperation: After our sales representatives answer your questions, we will discuss the specific details of cooperation with you, including price, delivery, payment, and after-sales.
5. Formal cooperation: Once you decide to cooperate with us, we will provide relevant documents and contracts based on your request and begin to fulfill our wholesale contract.

We hope to work with more wholesalers to promote the OEEA brand of watch winders together.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us

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To place an order or to ask a question , please Contact us Online.
NOTICE: Any business Email and questions We are reply in 24 hours.

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