How to use the automatic watch winder

automatic watch winder Box Maintenance Guide:

The OEEA automatic watch winder Box is a high-end watch maintenance device that provides automatic winding for your watch, ensuring that it is always in the best condition for use. However, after some time of use, the watch winder box also needs proper maintenance to ensure its performance and lifespan.

  1. If used in damp weather, do not open the box cover and keep the winding device away from humid air.
  2. If there is dust on the body or surface of the box, use the provided OEEA wiping cloth to remove all surface dirt. If there is no specific wiping cloth, use a soft cotton cloth or purchase one from OEEA. If the box has not been maintained for a long time, clean it with water to remove dirt and use specific furniture wax or purchase one when buying the box.
  3. When using dry batteries, if the power is insufficient, the LED light will turn red, and the winding speed will slow down. Replace the dry battery with a new one immediately to avoid affecting the lifespan of the winder. If the dry batteries remain unchanged for a long time, they may deteriorate and affect the battery box of the winder.
  4. Do not use similar transformers purchased from elsewhere to avoid burnout of the movement (IC-CPU) due to current and voltage incompatibility with the winder.
  5. Since the automatic watch winder box is mostly polished to a high-gloss surface, please be careful when moving or handling to avoid slipping.
  6. Do not store the winder box at a temperature below -15℃ (minus 15 degrees Celsius).
  7. When not using the automatic watch winder box, it should be stored in a dry, shaded place inaccessible to children, avoiding direct sunlight and dampness, as these can damage the components inside the box.

By properly maintaining your OEEA automatic watch winder Box, you can not only extend its lifespan but also ensure its optimal performance and accuracy, making watch maintenance tasks much more convenient.

Reference Table for New Dry Battery Usage in the automatic watch winder Box:

There are three power supply methods for the OEEA automatic watch winder Box: dry batteries, solar batteries, or a 3V DC transformer. If using dry batteries, refer to the following table, and replace them immediately when the LED light turns bright.

Name of Battery
1 Winder
2 Winder
3 Winder
4 Winder
5 Winder
Watch Capacity
1 ~ 2pcs
2 ~ 4pcs
3 ~ 6pcs
4 ~ 8pcs
5 ~ 10pcs
Rechargeable dry battery No.1
Non rechargeable dry battery No.1


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