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OEEA was founded in 2001 and is a professional manufacturer of automatic watch winder, watch box, jewelry box, and cigar humidor. We are mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of products such as watch winder, watch box, jewelry bo, cigar box, and more.

Our core business covers the entire value chain of watch winder, from wood products, winder chips, deceleration micro-motors, product sales, to the manufacturing of various watch winders. We pursue perfect quality for every detail, providing safety and good protection for your watch.

We start from the entire value chain of watch winder, including the development of automatic watch winder chip technology and deceleration micro-motor technology, and the manufacturing of automatic watch winder, watch box, jewelry box, cigar boxes, watch collectors, and the packages for watches and jewelry.

We also provide OEM services to dealers and retailers. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world, providing services to different watch and jewelry manufacturers, trading companies, and international retail stores. The quality of our watch boxes and jewelry box, as well as our professional services, are highly recognized by our customers.

We have factories located in Guangzhou and Shantou, two economically prosperous cities in Guangdong Province, China. These cities are all near to Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shekou Port, Shantou Port, and Guangzhou Huangpu Port, which is convenient for product transportation. The geographic advantages have attracted businessmen from different countries. Our company has excellent employees and a good business environment, making our products more competitive.

We provide a variety of watch boxes and jewelry boxes made of different materials, including high-gloss wood boxes, matte wood boxes, leather packaging boxes, cardboard packaging boxes, and paper boxes. We are committed to providing high-quality boxes and professional services to the watch and jewelry industry, bringing the perfect user experience to our customers.

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