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Eyeglass case collection

All OEEA eyeglass case made of Oak Wood, every OEEA underwood eyeglass case must via proficient worker cooperate produce about 45 days to finished, All OEEA brand wooden eyeglass case in high gloss finish surface like the mirror. Very luxury and elegance .
Samples: Request samples is available;
Samples price: Double of the EXW price; no include the express shipment cost;
Samples Lead time: 6 to 15 days after receipt payment, If have any adjust, we will show at the pro invoice;
Bigger Order Lead time: 20 to 35 days after receipt payment;
Wholesales Price: Please send email or fax to our Sale Dept., please fill us about your company name, address, telephone number and fax number, and your interested items. We will reply you in 24 hours.
Retail: If you would like to buy one please go to our Store Map for buy our stock, Or search a OEEA watchwinder dealer near you.
Below only part of our cigar humidors collections, if you need more about our humidors product information and the lastest catalog, please contact our customer service center. If you need OEM your design please contact our sales Department.
Eyeglasses cases - GC119 Eyeglasses cases - GC119-01 Eyeglasses cases - GC119-02 Eyeglasses cases - GC119-03 Eyeglasses cases - GC119-04 Eyeglasses cases - GC119-05
GC119 GC119-01 GC119-02 GC119-03 GC119-04 GC119-05
Eyeglasses cases - GC129 Eyeglasses cases - GC129-01 Eyeglasses cases - GC129-02 Eyeglasses cases - GC129-03 Eyeglasses cases - GC129-04 Eyeglasses cases - GC129-05
GC129 GC129-01 GC129-02 GC129-03 GC129-04 GC129-05
Eyeglasses cases - GC135 Eyeglasses cases - GC135-01 Eyeglasses cases - GC135-02 Eyeglasses cases - GC135-03 Eyeglasses cases - GC135-04 Eyeglasses cases - GC135-05
GC135 GC135-01 GC135-02 GC135-03 GC135-04 GC135-05
Luoyang Series Office Eyeglass case
Eyeglasses cases - GA116 Eyeglasses cases - GA116-01 Eyeglasses cases - GA116-02 Eyeglasses cases - GA116-03 Eyeglasses cases - GA116-04 Eyeglasses cases - GA116-05
GA116 GA116-01 GA116-02 GA116-03 GA116-04 GA116-05
Luoyang Series Office Eyeglass case
Eyeglasses cases - GC117 Eyeglasses cases - GC117-01 Eyeglasses cases - GC117-02 Eyeglasses cases - GC117-03 Eyeglasses cases - GC117-04 Eyeglasses cases - GC117-05
GC117 GC117-01 GC117-02 GC117-03 GC117-04 GC117-05
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